Outsource your referencing?

DON'T! IScreenYouScreen.com is a revolutionary system which offers almost all the benefits of outsourcing at a fraction of the cost and has numerous advantages that make us the No.1 referencing choice for HR personnel.

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Who should use ISYS?

1. Companies that currently do no employee screening.
2. Currently check references in-house and want to keep control of the function.
3. Currently outsource to a pre-employment screening company.

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What will ISYS do for me?

1. Cost Savings
2. Time Savings
3. Accuracy and Regulatory Compliance

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Who is Jessica?

That is a great question! Jessica has managed to save 60% of the time it used to take her doing screening manually, but there is more...

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Do you currently outsource your reference checking and are finding your provider is not living up to expectations?

Do you currently do your own reference checking using old methods such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets?

Do you currently do no reference checks on employees and would like a fast, efficient system to drive the process?


If the answer to any of the above is 'YES', then IScreenYouScreen is what you have been waiting for!


Why choose IScreenYouScreen?

  • Control - YOU control YOUR reference checking rather than some unknown outsourced organisation

  • Compliance - IScreenYouScreen maintains regulatory compliance by ensuring files are completed correctly every time

  • Application forms and reference request letters/forms available for every industry - can be edited to add additional questions as required

  • Speed - An end-to-end workflow system with automatic '1 click' email reference requests and 'chase' prompts ensures the process is completed swiftly 

  • Efficiency - A database of over 100,000 employers & academic institutions (growing daily) decreases massively the need to search for HR department details

  • Cost Saving - IScreenYouScreen can save up to 70% compared to outsourcing

  • Time Saving - IScreenYouScreen can deliver a time saving of up to 75%  compared to reference checking in-house without an online referencing system



The referencing revolution is here!



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