Who are we?

The Directors and senior management team of IScreenYouScreen have over 40 years of combined experience within pre-employment screening. We understand all the issues that Human Resources departments have in attempting to manage the reference checking process in amongst the myriad other tasks that they have to perform during the working day.


IScreenYouScreen was born out of many conversations with HR managers and directors. Time and time again comes the familiar complaint that pre-employment screening companies are not giving the levels of service or customer care that is required, that files are not completed accurately or even correctly at times, or that the manual 'paper-based' processes still utilised by many companies is time consuming and can easily lead to mistakes being made (apart from the fact that it is incredibly difficult to have a top level overview of such processes).


At the same time, over the last few years it has become apparent that with the ever tightening of security in many areas of business there is a greater need for companies to ensure that their employees really do have the histories that they claim. 


IScreenYouScreen was developed due to a real need for a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing that is under companies direct control and provides an efficient route to compliant files. Our aim is to provide the best technology and clearest workflow to make IScreenYouScreen easy to understand and navigate and with this in mind we are continually improving and updating the functionality of the system. 

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