There are numerous additional reasons for using ISYS rather than outsourcing

  1. Tremendous cost savings can be made using the system for any sized firm – workflow system allows the minimum number of staff to effectively manage the process. 
  2. IScreenYouScreen saves time by ensuring that the screening process is started quickly and 'chasing' is managed effectively through the workflow tool ensuring that reference requests are sent and also followed up.
  3. IScreenYouScreen ensures that files are correctly completed and gives step by step guidance on how to achieve consistent results.
  4. IScreenYouScreen actually trains staff with its’ unique workflow system, saving time and money on expensive training courses for new HR personnel. Staff retention is increased as the function becomes less onerous and easy to manage with the use of the powerful ISYS system.
  5. Access to an enormous database of employer and academic referee details ensures that a minimum of time is wasted in researching contact details. The database is growing every day.
  6. Customers keep complete control of their employee’s files. ISYS gives an extremely low cost option to access a truly superb referencing system that allows employers to keep the function in-house whilst giving a level of competence that most screening companies cannot boast.
  7. If you have had a bad experience with a screening company you can now take the function back in-house rather than outsourcing again to another 'unknown quantity'.

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