If you are thinking about streamlining the reference checking procedures your company currently undertakes on new recruits, you may well be looking at the outsourced options available to you. IScreenYouScreen offers a new option that may well be a more cost-effective and time efficient solution to this problem.


There are three key factors which influence the decision to outsource referencing to a pre-employment screening company:

  1. Cost Saving
  2. Time saving
  3. Accuracy and Regulatory Compliance

1. Cost Saving


The HR Department

Very few HR departments operate a database system in order to facilitate speedy reference checking. Consequently the process can often be long, slow and costly as HR personnel can only effectively manage a relatively small number of files at one time. The cost of running a team to manage this process often outweighs the benefits of outsourcing, particularly where paper based systems can often lead to errors.


The Pre-employment screening company

Most pre-employment screening companies charge £80-100 or more per candidate for a basic screening package and it can cost in excess of £250 for a more comprehensive service. The main attraction for this option is a service that takes away the painful, slow procedures that eat into the time HR personnel have to devote to other issues.

Where cost is not an issue, this service can be extremely useful (although some pre-employment screening companies are of course better than others...).

Where cost is a major factor, utilising an outsourced company is often simply not an option. IScreenYouScreen provides the perfect solution!


Can you trust your screening (a vital part of your recruitment process) to an unknown third party?



IScreenYouScreen is a revolutionary system which costs a tiny fraction of the price of outsourcing.

IScreenYouScreen allows employers to access an enormous (and expanding) database of companies' HR departments, academic institutions, benefit offices etc. This system is considerably more advanced than that utilised by most, if not all screening companies.  Consequently in almost all cases a substantial cost saving can be made as one HR assistant can complete up to five times as many files as before with a much greater degree of accuracy. It is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the most mature and feature rich Cloud computing platform currently available. IScreenYouScreen has been designed with cloud architecture principals in mind, providing automatic horizontal scaling, disposable virtual servers, always-on resilience, redundant data storage, and security-by-design.



2. Time Saving

Reference checking is one of the most time consuming functions that HR personnel have to deal with. Typing reference request letters, chasing references, ensuring there are no unexplained gaps in an applicant’s work history can all amount to a significant proportion of the working week.

HR departments often don't have the resources to complete files either swiftly or accurately as they have numerous other tasks to perform, especially as a manual paper-based process is difficult to maintain efficiently.

Outsourcing to a screening company (in theory) ensures that files are completed in a 'timely fashion' and gives back much of the 'lost time' spent on checking references to HR personnel.


There is, however a much better way...


With IScreenYouScreen, files can be effectively managed throughout the process by HR personnel more swiftly than by outsourced firms. IScreenYouScreen has amazing functionality including:

  • Tailored, branded candidate online application forms that only require candidates to provide the information required for their own level of screening
  • A unique workflow system that guides users through the entire process by utilising a 'referencing wizard'
  • Automatically generated daily 'to do' lists that ensure files are processed effectively
  • A post-it-note system that flags up priority files
  • Automatically generated progress and final reports
  • Industry specific fully branded and formatted reference request letters (which can be modified to include companies own questions)
  • Access to a database of over 100,000 employers, academic institutions etc meaning less time spent 'googling' previous employer info
  • Automated chasing
  • plus much, much more!




3. Accuracy and Regulatory Compliance

Outsourcing ensures (in theory) that screening is correctly completed to the requirements of specific regulations (where applicable) and that all files are checked thoroughly, gaps covered, adverse references highlighted etc.

IScreenYouScreen automatically produces an industry specific detailed workflow for each candidate ensuring that all aspects of the screening process are covered.

Pre-formatted letter templates designed for every regulated industry can be selected (these can be amended and saved by customers to include additional questions as necessary).

Gapchecker® ensures that gaps are covered to the specification of customers (or the regulations that they have to adhere to). Where required, personal references are automatically generated with accurate dates provided by the system (no need to sit with pen and paper).




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