a) Some words and phrases used in these conditions have special meanings. These meanings are set out below.
"Application information" means Information you get from potential job applicants or current employees, and that you give to us so that we can perform the services.
"Charges" means the fees you pay for the services.
"Commencement date" means the date on which we accept you as an account holder.
"Company group members" means your subsidiaries, holding company or the other subsidiaries of your holding company (or all of these).
"Information" means the results, reports and the information that we give you, including any information that does not directly relate to the services.
"Pricing schedule" means the schedule attached to these conditions, or any other schedule agreed by you and us, which contains details of your use of our services and refers to these conditions.
"Services" means the CV Verification and Background Check Services we provide to you.
"We" means IScreenYouScreen.com Limited (registered number 06956615).
"Website" means the website at www.iscreenyouscreen.com or another website through which we deliver the services.
"You" means the person, firm or company which we accept as an account holder for the services.
b) The headings used in these conditions are for convenience only and do not affect these conditions.


a) These conditions will come into effect on the commencement date and will continue until terminated by either party giving to the other not less than one (1) months written notice of termination. We reserve the right to change these conditions at any time.


a) We will provide the services and information in line with these conditions. You must use the services and information in line with these conditions.


a) Our invoicing terms and conditions are set out on our invoices.
b) All amounts payable to us do not include Value Added Tax (VAT) or any other charge which will be charged at the rate that applies at that time.
c) All charges will be reviewed on an annual basis after a minimum of 12 months after commencement of the service. Rate increases will be restricted to a maximum of 1% above the rate of inflation at the date of review.


a) All of the intellectual property rights (including copyright) in the information belong to us or our licensors. You will not own any of the intellectual property or have any rights to own the intellectual property. You may only make copies of the information that you reasonably need for the purposes set out below.
b) You may only use the services for the purposes of your business. Unless required by law, you must:
  • keep the information strictly confidential;
  • not publish the information;
  • not give the information to anyone else;
  • only give the information to your officers or employees (or both) who need to know or use it (you must make sure that your officers and employees meet these confidentiality conditions); and
  • not copy, distribute or commercially exploit the information unless these conditions allow you to.
c) You must not use, or allow others to use, the services or information (or both) to provide authentication, fraud prevention or any other information-based services to anyone else. This restriction does not prevent you from sharing the information with your company group members but you must make sure that they follow the confidentiality, security and liability conditions.
d) If you act as an agent for someone else (the principal) to:
consider the suitability of individuals for employment with the principal; or you can make the information available to the principal but only for these purposes. You must also get each person's permission to give any information relating to them to the principal.


a) The parties’ attention is drawn to the Data Protection Act 1998, Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and any legislation and/or regulations implementing them or made in pursuance of them (all referred to together as the “Data Protection Requirements”).
b) For the purposes of this clause "data controller", "data processor", "data subject", "personal data" and "processing" shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Data Protection Act 1998.
c) Both of us agree that we are the data processor (Processor), and that you are the data controller (Controller) in respect of any personal data that we collect and provide to you to process in the course of providing the Services.
d) We agree that, as Processor, we shall:
(i) only carry out processing on the [Controller’s] instructions from time to time;
(ii) implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental destruction or loss;
(iii) promptly refer to you any queries from data subjects, the Information Commissioner or any other law enforcement authority, for you as the Controller to resolve; and
(iv) at no additional cost, promptly provide such information to the you as the we as Controller may reasonably require to allow it to comply with the rights of data subjects, including subject access rights, or with information notices served by the Information Commissioner.
e) We as Processor, shall, upon reasonable notice, allow you as Controller access to premises and other materials and to our personnel and shall provide all reasonable assistance in order to assist you in exercising your audit rights.


a) You must follow any rules and guidelines that apply to the way in which we provide the services. We will make sure that the information is secure.
b) In order to access our online system you will be assigned a 'Client ID'. Only the client to whom it is issued may use the Client ID.
d) You are responsible for making sure that you keep your Client ID secure. We will not be responsible for any losses arising from anyone using your Client ID, whether authorised by you or not. We can give you a new Client ID at any time. Any new Client ID will apply 24 hours after we give you the new Client ID.
e) You also agree that you will:
  • maintain appropriate technical and organisational security measures and procedures to prevent your Client ID being accidentally given to or used by unauthorised people;
  • tell us as soon as you become aware that anyone has found out or used your Client ID without your permission, or if any equipment you use to access the services is stolen; and
f) We may cancel or suspend your use of the Client ID if:
  • you break any of your obligations under these conditions; or
  • we are told about, or become aware of, any unauthorised or improper use of your Client ID (either by you or by someone else), or that any equipment you use to access the services has been stolen.


a) You agree that you will not make any of your business decisions based just on the information we provide for you in our reports.
b) You acknowledge that the information is based on information other people give to us and that we cannot control the accuracy of this information, which may also contain advice or opinions.
c) We use all reasonable skill and care to provide the services. However, you agree that it is reasonable for us to limit our liability. In particular, we:
  • do not guarantee how accurate the information is, or how valid any advice or opinion we give is; and are not responsible for any loss which you suffer as a result of a claim made by someone who we have information, advice or an opinion about.
d) As far as we are allowed by law, we do not give any representations, guarantees or conditions that:
  • the services or the information (or both) are fit for a particular purpose;
  • the services or the information (or both) will not affect anyone else's intellectual property; or
  • the services or information (or both) will meet your requirements.
e) Nothing in these conditions excludes our liability for death or personal injury arising out of our negligence.
f) You will protect us, and keep us fully protected, against any claims or actions made or brought against us as a result of:
  • you making the information inaccurate or incomplete (whether by something you do or something you don't do); or
  • you using the services.
This protection will include all losses, damages, costs and other expenses (including any payments we make to settle any claims or actions on the advice of our lawyers) that we have to pay, and you promise to pay us for any loss, damage, cost or other expense. This protection will not apply if we are at fault.


a) We will both make sure that our officers, employees and agents do not pass any confidential information about the other to anyone else. This will not affect any of the other part of these conditions.
b) 'Confidential information' means:
  • any information about our trade secrets, customers, business dealings or transactions; and
  • any information relating to the methods or techniques we use to provide the services. These include any tapes, documents or other materials.
c) These conditions do not apply to any confidential information which:
  • a court, tribunal or governmental authority orders us to reveal;
  • is already public knowledge, other than where either you or we break these confidentiality conditions;
  • the person who was told already knew (shown in written records); or
  • was independently received from someone else, without that person breaking any confidentiality obligations they have to either you or us.


You grant us a royalty-free, non-transferable, continuous licence to use the application information. We can use the application information to improve the databases we use to provide the services and any other databases, including those we use to provide similar services and other risk and fraud-prevention services to others.


a) Both of us agree that, in relation to providing and using the services (as appropriate), we will both follow all relevant legislation and regulations. These include:
  • the Data Protection Act 1998 (including the Data Protection principles);
  • all amendments to the Data Protection Act 1998; and
  • any regulations or requirements made by any governmental authority or equivalent body.
b) You also agree to follow the code of conduct relating to the services that has been approved by the Office of the Information Commissioner. This will not affect your obligations to follow any statutory requirement.


a) If either of us cannot carry out our obligations because of events beyond our control, whoever cannot perform their obligations will tell the other. Their obligations will be suspended and they must do all they can to put the situation right as soon as possible.
b) Events beyond our control include the following acts or circumstances which neither of us can prevent. Acts of God.
  • Strikes, lockouts or other industrial disturbances.
  • Wars, blockades, riots, epidemics, landslides, lightning, earthquakes, fires, storms, civil disturbances and terrorism.
  • Governmental regulations and directions.
  • Any failure of hardware, software, telecommunications services or equipment which we use to provide the services, which is due to the fault of someone else.
  • Any other cause that is not within our or your reasonable control.


The rights granted by these conditions are personal. Neither of us can transfer or grant any of these rights to anyone else without the permission, in writing, of the other. This permission must not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.


If either of us fails to exercise any right or solution available under these conditions, any failure or delay will not prevent either of us from relying on those rights or solutions in the future.


a) These conditions are the whole agreement between both of us. They take the place of all previous negotiations, understandings and representations. These conditions may only be changed in writing, and must be signed by both of our authorised representatives (except if either of us agreed to these conditions as a result of the other side's fraudulent misrepresentation).
b) If these conditions conflict with any other terms available at any time (including but not limited to the terms of use), these conditions will apply. In this document, references to 'conditions' will include any changes that have been made to these conditions.


If a court finds any part of these conditions to be invalid, it will be deleted and the rest of these conditions will stay in full force.

17. LAW

These conditions will be governed by English law. We both agree that the courts of England will have the power to settle any disagreement that may arise out of, under, or in connection with these conditions.


a) All notices must be in writing and sent by recorded-delivery post, fax or e-mail. If we write to you, we will use the address, fax number or e-mail address that you give in your application to receive the services. You can write to us at the address shown on the website.
b) All notices are considered to have been received:
  • two working days after being posted if posted to the correct address;
  • one hour after being sent if sent by fax to the correct fax number;
  • one hour after the person it is addressed to starts work if sent by fax outside their normal working hours; and
  • when a receipt notice is received if sent by e-mail to the correct e-mail address.
If you or we send a notice by fax, the original fax must be put in the post on the same day that the fax is sent.


Only you and we have legal rights under these conditions. Under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, no-one else will be able to enforce any part of these conditions.


The parties have shown their acceptance of the terms of this Agreement by registering to use the service.

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