If you fall into one of the following three categories, then utilising IScreenYouScreen could be the best improvement to your HR processes you could make!

1. Companies who currently do no employee screening

IScreenYouScreen gives the perfect introduction to the screening process as it is not only a powerful referencing tool, but is also extremely simple to understand. It is designed to 'walk you through' the process and is therefore a system that can be up and running very quickly. Our highly trained customer service team can give full support with any queries.

IScreenYouScreen is the perfect low cost way to ensure that your future employees are who they say they are, have the experience that they claim to have and have no undisclosed periods of employment that have resulted in dismissal etc.

2. Companies who currently check references in-house and want to keep control of the function.

IScreenYouScreen speeds up the process by up to 75% and gives access to an enormous (and expanding) database of referee details. This system allows HR personnel to spend more time on other HR functions, whilst completing this task accurately, efficiently and speedily with a minimal cost impact. Most companies have no referencing system and therefore find the process extremely labour intensive. IScreenYouScreen allows an individual to process up to five times more candidate files than utilising Word documents and Excel spreadsheets

3. Companies who currently outsource to a pre-employment screening company.

There are some very good pre-employment screening companies out there, however there are many who give very little by way of customer satisfaction: returning files that are incomplete, only chasing references 3 times before 'giving up' on the reference (thus ensuring compliance cannot be met for employee files), leaving customers 'on hold' for long periods when requesting file updates etc...

IScreenYouScreen gives YOU back control by providing a system that gives most of the benefits of outsourcing, can save up to 70% of the associated costs, but does not significantly increase the workload of HR personnel.

During our current economic uncertainty, outsourcing to a pre-employment screening company is an additional expense which can be avoided by bringing the function back 'in-house'. 

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